Ignatius Nikulins

Hello, my name is Ignatius Nikulins

Super power ninja turbo neo ultra hyper mega multi alpha meta extra uber prefix combo product and UX/UI designer enhanced by strong front-end development skillset from the past.

I am able to work effectively in a team as well as independently and have demonstrated an ability to lead teams and mentor other colleagues. I enjoy a challenge and look for the opportunity to broaden and develop my skillset.

Some people call what I do user experience design, some call it web design, some others think I am a developer, a designer, an analyst and others even call me an architect. I see what I do as a combination of all these things and ultimately I don’t think it really matters which label you like to use.

What does matter is the output of my work, which is always focused to the point where user, business and technical requirements meet and become a perfect product.

I do job well for its own sake and imbue my every process with the skill, integrity, and value of a true craftsman.


Are you a rock star employer, potential partner or a nice fellow recruiter who can get me to exciting positions, promising startups or interested places? Feel free to contact me at LinkedIn.